Cars Toddler Bed Review

Cars Toddler Bed

Cars Toddler Bed

Otherwise known as the Lightning McQueen Roadster, this Cars-themed toddler bed features hotshot rookie Lightning McQueen, four-wheeled hero of the hit Disney movie Cars. It’s the toddler-sized version of the best-selling Lightning McQueen twin bed.

With its sporty styling and fun detailing, this mini speedster will have your young driver happily racing off to dreamland. It’s the perfect first big-kid bed for little car-lovers.

This Little Tikes car bed is available for a good price here, with free shipping too.

Here are some features of Little Tikes Cars Toddler Bed:

* Uses standard crib mattress (approximately 52in x 28in x 6in – not included)
* Requires mattress support (not included)
* Ages 15 months to 5 years.
* Supports weight up to 50lb
* Assembly required
* Assembled dimensions: Length 68in, Width 40.5in, Height 20in
* Assembled weight: 62lb

This toddler bed is a perfect transition from the crib to a regular bed. It’s nice and low – only about a foot off the ground, so it’s easy for little kids to get in and out by themselves – and they love to go to sleep tucked up in it.

Most buyers feel that although the Little Tikes Cars Toddler Bed might be a bit expensive and present a few initial challenges – once it’s installed it’s a great bed, kids adore it and the bedtime benefits make it worth a lot.

Here are some tips for successful assembly. See the review below before you begin!

To ensure the stickers adhere properly, wipe the plastic parts down to remove any residue of plastic dust. Check that the surfaces are thoroughly clean and dry before applying any stickers.

If you find that some of the holes don’t line up as accurately as they should, you can adjust them by re-drilling.

You’ll need a mattress support. If you can’t use the spring support from your crib, get a piece of plywood (approx 51in x 27in x 3/4in) cut at a local hardware store.

One owner said the Cars Toddler Bed: cost more than she wanted to spend but thought it was well worth it. The bed was simple to assemble, but the stickers were tricky. Her advice was to apply when the car bed is still in bits. And to leave the wheel stickers until last, to avoid ripping them when screwing the wheels on to the body.

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Princess Toddler Bed Review

KidKraft Princess Toddler Bed

Princess Toddler BedKidKraft’s Princess Toddler Bed will turn any little girl’s bedroom into a dream palace! The four-poster toddler cot is painted in pretty shades of pink with gold
detailing. Each bedpost is topped with a little golden crown.

It’s constructed from sturdy MDF and rubberwood and low enough to the floor to make it easy for kids to get in and out. A toddler bed makes the transition from a crib to a regular bed much smoother. The recommended age for this toddler bed is 15 months and up.

The Princess Toddler Bed is available from Amazon.  Find the latest price here.

Here are some features of the KidKraft Princess Toddler Bed:

* Easy access for kids with a low-to-the-ground base
* Decorative bed rails to keep kids safe
* MDF and rubberwood (note: MDF is not the same as particle board)
* Feminine pink finish with gold details, all in lead-free and non-toxic paint
* Supports weight up to 50lb
* Designed to hold a regular full-size crib mattress (not included)
* Assembly required (regular flathead screwdriver needed)
* Assembled dimensions: Length 56in x Width 29.25in x Height 43.25in

Apparently the plastic crowns are  quite easy to remove from the tops of the posts. It might be worth securing them (ideally so that they can still be removed if necessary). Some parents have found the crowns are useful places to put small items such as pacifiers, for safekeeping (though it goes without saying not to leave anything there that you wouldn’t want your toddler to get her hands on).

From the instructions, the Princess Toddler Bed looks nice and stable. It has a solid base – in 4 sections – each screwed in place and supported by the frame beneath. The screw heads are painted pink – a nice touch.

The pink itself seems to be a subject of endless debate! Some feel it’s a dusty pink, more mauve or lavender; others describe it as bubblegum or cotton candy pink. However, the general feeling is that, whatever the pink, it is a cute bed, quite sturdy – and well-received by both its royal occupant and her parents.

One owner said that the Princess Bed: was a beautiful pink, and sturdily built. It was pretty easy to assemble. Her 19- month-old daughter loved it!

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Thomas the Tank Engine Bed Review

Thomas the Tank Engine BedAny small child who enjoys the Thomas the Tank Engine stories will be thrilled with this bed. It can make the possibly awkward transition from crib to regular bed child’s play (literally) for delighted toddlers – and their parents.

Tracks molded into the bedrails allow kids to play with their toy cars and trains. And there are special niches to keep books and small toys. A built-in storage box at the front to holds anything from nightwear and slippers to more toys.

Thomas the Tank Engine Bed by Little Tikes is available on Amazon – with FREE shipping too. Check today’s price here.

Here are some features of the Thomas Toddler Bed:

* Thomas the Tank Engine themed toddler bed
* Special niches hold books and small collectables
* Designed for a standard crib mattress with support (mattress and support not included)
* For ages 15 months to 5 years
* Supports weight up to 50lb
* Assembly required
* Assembled dimensions: Length 70in, Width 34.5in, Height 41.75in
* Assembled weight: 55lb

Although, compared with some other toddler beds, this is quite a pricy purchase, most buyers say that for parents of Thomas fans it’s well worth it! It comes in two boxes, huge but not too heavy. Easy to put together and easy to clean. One tip: be sure to assemble Thomas in the right room – you don’t want to risk not getting him through the doorway.

Please note that the bed needs either a crib spring or a piece of plywood for the mattress base. You can simply use the crib springs from your crib, or get a piece of plywood (approx 51in x 27in x 0.75in) cut at a local hardware store.

You’ll need a standard crib mattress (approx 52in x 28in – and at least 4in thick).
If you don’t already have one, buy one with squared corners for an extra snug fit.

One owner said the Thomas Toddler Bed: had lasted well for nearly a year and should be fine for another year. Their three-year-old son loves it. The plywood from his crib was just the right size to put under the mattress. This bed made the transition fun and easy.

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Da Vinci Toddler Bed Review

Da Vinci Toddler BedThe Da Vinci Toddler Bed by Million Dollar Baby is a modern adaptation of a classic sleigh design. It is well made from sustainable eco-friendly New Zealand pine and comes in 6 different colors, all with a non-toxic finish.

This toddler bed offers a smooth transition from crib to regular bed. It includes rail guards to provide added protection, giving a child a sense of security knowing he or she won’t fall out. It’s great for a little one to find he’s no longer stuck in his crib, but able to climb in and out of bed unassisted, just like a big kid!

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Here are some features of the Da Vinci Toddler Bed:

* Classic and popular sleigh design
* Uses standard crib size mattress (not included)
* Guard rails provide safety against falls, so your toddler – and you – can get
a good night’s sleep
* Made from sustainable pine
* Available in cherry, ebony, natural, oak, white and espresso
* Lead- and phthalate-free, non-toxic finish
* Supports weight up to 50lb
* Assembly required
* Assembled dimensions: Length 56.875in, Width 29.5in, Height 28in
* Assembled weight 22.5lb

Buyers generally are very satisfied with this bed. Some people are able to put it together blindfold (almost!) in 30 minutes, others find it a bit more challenging. Positioning the slats can be a little tricky for some. It’s just a matter of getting them to line up just right before tightening. The secret is to read the instructions carefully before starting, lay out all the parts ready and don’t rush it!

The Da Vinci Toddler Bed may be less obviously exciting than an all bells and whistles theme bed, but it’s far more versatile – and you can brighten it up and change the look with fun bedding.

One owner said the Da Vinci Toddler Bed: was good quality and durable – still in excellent condition after 18 months.

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KidKraft Modern Toddler Cot 86921 Review

KidKraft Modern Toddler Cot 86921The simple, contemporary styling of the KidKraft Modern Toddler Cot will fit in with many decors. You can dress it up and create variety with with different covers and sheet sets.

This KidKraft bed is a good height and size – very low to the ground, so a toddler can get in and out easily and safely. The little bench at the end is a nice extra space, with a multitude of uses.

The KidKraft Modern Toddler Cot is available on Amazon, with free shipping.  Check here for today’s price.

Here are some features of the KidKraft Modern Toddler Cot 86921:

* Bench at the foot of the cot can be used for storage or additional seating
* Low enough to the ground to allow easy access for kids
* Decorative bed rails keep kids secure
* Designed for regular full-size crib mattress (not included)
* Neutral, natural finish
* MDF (note: this is not the same as particle board)
* Supports weight up to 50lb
* Assembly required
* Assembled dimensions: Length 63.5in, Width 31in, Height 18.25in
* Assembled weight: 61.5lb

The bench/shelf at the foot of the bed can be useful for all sorts of things: toys, books, laying out clothes ready for the morning, or perhaps just to sit and read.

Assembly of the KidKraft Modern Toddler Cot seems to be relatively angst-free. You will need screwdrivers – phillips and regular flathead – everything else should be in the pack. If you have a wrench and an allen wrench you might have those at the ready too, though there are small versions in the tool kit provided. As with all assembly projects, it’s worth reading the instructions carefully before you begin!

One owner said the KidKraft Modern Toddler Cot: was easy to assemble, lightweight and sturdy. They particularly liked  the bookshelf feature, and their two-year-old daughter loved the bed.

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StorkCraft Soom Soom Toddler Bed Review

StorkCraft Soom Soom Toddler BedThe simple sleigh-inspired design of StorkCraft Soom Soom Toddler Bed will look good anywhere. The Soom Soom bed is of wood product construction with a non-toxic finish – and comes in 5 lovely colors, so there should be one to fit in with any decor.

Like most toddler beds, the Stork Craft Toddler Bed holds a standard size crib mattress. This means you could simply transfer the one already in your baby’s crib, so there’s no need to buy another.

This toddler bed is available on Amazon at a discount. With free shipping too.
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Here are some features of the StorkCraft Soom Soom Toddler Bed

* Great looking sleigh design toddler bed.
* Beautiful non-toxic finish in 5 colors: cherry, cognac, natural, oak and white. (Note that the price varies slightly, depending on which color you choose.)
* Holds a standard size crib mattress (not included). To ensure a nice tight fit, make sure the minimum dimensions are 51.65in  long x 27.25in wide, and it’s at least 4in thick.
* Assembled bed dimensions: Length 57in x Width 29.25in x Height 28in.
* Weight capacity up to 50lb.
* All Stork Craft products feature a one year limited warranty and meet or exceed all US and Canadian standards.
* Requires assembly. Instructions are permanently attached – very useful if you move house!

Once it is assembled, customers generally feel that the Soom Soom Toddler Bed is an excellent product at an excellent price – sturdy and good value. It’s nice and low to the ground, easy to get in and out of without falling. The guard rails don’t get in the way of this, but they do keep the occupant safely in the bed at night. Children love it – and it looks good: wood, not plastic, so adults tend to be happy too!

The only downside, for some people, seems to be putting the pieces together. As with most flat-pack items, the instructions aren’t as clear as they could be. On the plus side, the screws go metal into metal, so there’s no risk of the holes in the wood getting too big if you need to dismantle and reassemble the bed a few times.

To avoid an afternoon of undue stress and raised blood pressure (!) it makes sense, before diving in, to read the instructions carefully and check that you have all the necessary parts. Apparently, fitting the slats into the bed rails can be a bit tricky, so be prepared for that. But it’s really not that difficult if you just take your time!

Others have mentioned being put off by a chemical smell. If you find the smell of the finish is lingering, one suggestion is to wipe down the parts with a couple of drops of tea tree oil on a damp cloth or paper towel before assembling and a few times afterwards. It will soon disappear. It’s quite a good idea anyway to give the bed a good wipe, so it’s all nice and clean for your toddler.

One owner said the StorkCraft Soom Soom Toddler Bed: was chosen after extensive research. It was stylish, sturdy and very easy to assemble.

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